Out of sight but not out of touch with Braille greeting cards

an image of 2 greeting cards. On the left a braille image  of a truck on a green background. On the right a braille image of a teddy bear on an orange background. Please note images may be difficult to see if you have low  vision.</a

Over the last several months, members of the National Federation of the Blind Krafters Division dusted off braillewriters, busted out books, and brailled up handmade braille greeting cards to sell as a fundraiser at the recently held national convention of the National federation of the Blind.

Crafter and division member Lillie Pennington of Ohio, said, “I enjoyed making the cards. It was fun and interesting learning how to draw braille pictures. I was glad to be part of the project.”

Each card was carefully crafted by a member of the Krafters Division, generally referred to as Krafters Korner. The cards were made from colored cardstock and displayed images such as teddy bears, trucks, hearts, rabbits, cats and flags. Witty messages were written on the cards proclaiming thoughts such as “You’re Purrfect,” and “Have A Hoppy Day.”

“The fundraiser was a success and we hope to find creative ways to continue selling these cards to people all year round.” Said President Joyce Kane from Connecticut.

You can visit Krafters Korner at www.krafterskorner.org and become a member and start learning how to craft blindly.


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