Upcoming Class: Loom knit Beaded Necklace

Craft category: loom knitting
Class type: phone
Class date: February 4, 2015
Time: 8 PM eastern
Sign up deadline: January 27, 2016

Description: This class will teach you how to make a one-of-a-kind necklace using fine wire and small beads on a spool loom.

No experience is required. Knowing how to eWrap and make an I-cord is helpful. You will be threading size 6 seed beads or 2mm or 4mm beads onto a thin wire, so the ability to do this is also helpful.

Supplies needed:
One spool loom of any kind
At least 18 feet of either 26 or 28 gauge wire
100 small beads and 20 larger beads in two different colors. , the largest seed beads or 2mm or 4mm beads are your options.
A closure of any kind, (I used a magnetic clasp)
Wire cutters
Needle-nosed pliers
Thread five small beads onto your wire allowing them to fall next to the spool.
Thread one larger bead onto the wire and allow it to drop down next to the five beads.
Repeat the pattern of five one, ending with five, until you hav100 small beads and 20 small beads on your wire. Curve the wire gently closed on the top to secure until class.


Author: cathy

I am a totally blind crafter and lover of crafts of all kinds. Some of my favorite crafts include: needle-knitting, loom-knitting, crocheting, beading, macrame, and kumihimo. I am a member of the NFB Crafter's Division where I learn new crafts, and share my knowledge of crafts with others.

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