Craft category: loom knitting
Class type: phone
Instructor: Cathy F
Class date: April 7, 2016
Time: 8 p.m. eastern
Sign up deadline: March 31, 2016
Skill level: beginner:
Supplies Needed:
• 1 12 peg loom (called a flower loom)
• Loom hook
• Small amount of worsted weight yarn in a flower color
• Scissors
• 4 peg markers would be helpful (such as rubber stitch markers twist ties or whatever will sit at the bottom of your peg.)

Where to get supplies: From your yarn stash.

Description: Learn to knit a pretty flower with petals that you can pin on your clothing as an accent or use to create a unique baby blanket or throw. This is a quick and easy project.

To sign up for this class go to:



Author: cathy

I am a totally blind crafter and lover of crafts of all kinds. Some of my favorite crafts include: needle-knitting, loom-knitting, crocheting, beading, macrame, and kumihimo. I am a member of the NFB Crafter's Division where I learn new crafts, and share my knowledge of crafts with others.

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