Upcoming class: Braided Sailor’s Bracelet

Braided Sailor’s Bracelet


Class name: Braided Sailor’s Bracelet


Craft category: other

Class type: phone

Instructor: Anette


Class date: Saturday, June 18, 2016

Time if applicable: 2 PM eastern

Sign up deadline: June 11, 2016


Class description: Join us for a 1-session telephone class where you will learn to make a braided bracelet from 1 piece of cord using the Turks Head braid. Some call this the Braided Sailor’s bracelet. The finished bracelet is a continuous loop with no opening or closure. Once you master this technique, others will be amazed at your work.


Skill level: While there are no pre-requisite, skills for this project, those who enjoy knot making and manipulation of strands and loops of cords will fall in love with this technique.


Supplies Needed:

  • 6-9 feet of 550 paracord, also known as parachute cord. Available in different thicknesses with the 550 being a medium width measuring 4mm – 4.5mm. It comes in a wide range of colors including glow in the dark. A light color will show off the braiding better than a dark color. You could also use rope that is 1/8 inches – ¼ Inches thick, which is close to 4mm – 6mm. One type of rope is called Manila rope. A thick cord/rope will make it easier to learn this technique.
  • 1 can from your pantry with around a 4-inch diameter. Usually this can holds approximately 28 ounces of food such as crushed or stewed tomatoes, or pumpkin. This sized can is also known as a No. 2 ½ or a 404×411. If you do not have a can of this size, find some other round object with a diameter of 4-5 inches. Another option is a 12-inch piece of cardboard that you can bend into a circle and hold the ends together with tape to form a cylinder. If the only thing you have is a soup can, go ahead and use it. The end product will probably be too small to fit on to your wrist, but that is fine as this will probably be your first of many practice attempts.
  • Small amount of tape such as masking or clear tape. Packing tape and duct tape can work, but are a bit stickier than you need.
  • 1 hand towel.   While this is optional, some people might find it helpful. A t-shirt, cloth napkin or some other cloth item of this size can work.
  • Scissors.



Where can you get supplies?

AC Moore, JoAnne Fabric, Michael’s Crafts, Wal-Mart, online craft supply resource


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Author: cathy

I am a totally blind crafter and lover of crafts of all kinds. Some of my favorite crafts include: needle-knitting, loom-knitting, crocheting, beading, macrame, and kumihimo. I am a member of the NFB Crafter's Division where I learn new crafts, and share my knowledge of crafts with others.

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